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Media Plan of the Year

For over 20 years, Adweek has honored the industry’s most dynamic media plans and executions from around the world—and the teams who are integral to this vital yet oft-overlooked part of the business.

Fastest Growing

Adweek Fastest Growing honors the organizations large and small from all over the world whose industry presence is on the rise. The 2020 honor has been expanded from agencies only to include service providers, and entries are accepted across every agency and service provider category and type. The distinction will be awarded to those companies that have achieved significant growth over the past three years.

Brandweek Constellation Awards

To celebrate the power of marketing teams, Brandweek has created the Brandweek Constellation Awards to honor the very best team-led marketing efforts across 32 categories. Just as stars gather in the sky in brilliant celestial formations, so too do teams of marketers for their stellar brand activations.